I never thought I would love doing SEO.


This profession that I have chosen to continue is different from what I studied as a graduate Bachelor of Science in Home Economics – Major in Food Business Management from Central Mindanao University.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I decided to transition my career to digital marketing. Ever since I discovered it as a potential career path, I have been drawn to the challenge of optimizing websites and driving traffic through search engines. Through my work at Seedhub Media Company, I gained hands-on experience with citation building and other SEO tactics, which only fueled my interest in the field.


As I continued to learn, I found myself constantly seeking out new information and strategies to improve my skills. This drive led me to attend a 4-week Bootcamp from Coach PinoySEO, where I deepened my understanding of SEO and its ranking factors. During the course, I honed my abilities across a range of skills, from data benchmarking to providing reports and results. The Bootcamp equipped me with a wealth of new tools and insights that have helped me to take my SEO expertise to the next level.

Today, I remain as passionate as ever about SEO as a freelancer. I love the feeling of seeing the results of my work as a website’s rankings and traffic improve. What’s more, I enjoy the challenge of staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of SEO and adapting my strategies accordingly. Whether I’m researching keywords, analyzing data, or devising creative solutions to boost a site’s visibility, I find myself fully immersed in the process. In short, SEO is not just a job to me, it is a calling that drives me to continually push myself and strive for excellence.


Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With